Alternate Diva

Alternate Diva 1

A very striking shot O.O

What is nail art? Most people would say decorative or elaborate art on nails. Which, technically, is true. But most people forget that just plain nail polish can also be considered nail art. Although typically relegated to swatch posts, plain polish nails can really WOW people.

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Delicate? Methinks So

Delicate? Methinks So 01

An interesting contrast: the smoothest polish job I’ve ever done, coupled with an unintentionally rough sponging…

Don’t you just love the moment nail polish goes on smoothly and perfectly? Well, I do. It happens so rarely, you know. And not typically with a narrow-brush polish. But that’s exactly what happened in this euphoric moment. The Revlon light purple just lay itself out perfectly on my nails. Win!

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Green with Envy

Green With Envy 01

And before you think I have creepy arms with some very flexible joints, these are two pics put together :P

As far as cliché titles go, this one takes the cake. Sprinkles, cherries, the whole shebang. I know, alright? But I happen to like clichés, so…sorry-not sorry!!

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Confetti That

Confetti That 01

It could go with any colour, really – blue, pink, purple, a watermelon shade…

I know, I know – I swore I would never use a BK confetti polish ever again. Not after the hellish time I had removing the black and white lot. But my mother happened to buy me this bottle for Christmas…and it looked really really good!

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One Nail to Rule Them All

One Nail to Rule Them All_01

Okay, not so sure about the gold and silver together…never the twain shall meet

It’s about high time I got around to some Lord of the Rings nail art. Seriously. It’s been HOW many years since the movies came out? There are neverending sources of inspiration from the trilogy (and The Hobbit, for that matter) – but why avoid the obvious?

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